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Microbial Water Quality

Building open science tools to advance knowledge on water pathogens. Fostering a new data ecosystem for Global Microbial Water Quality.

Compiling knowledge on Water Pathogens

We maintain global knowledge repositories that contain research material and data on microbial water agents, risk of disease, sanitation and wastewater treatment. We strengthen networks of researchers that work on microbial water quality, by providing them with tools for research publishing and virtual collaboration.

Learn more about our work on the Global Water Pathogen Project (GWPP) and the Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) wiki.

Pathogen profiles maintained

Water experts connected

Decision support for Safe Water

We work with researchers and modellers that explore the presence of water pathogens in drinking and waste- water. We develop open-source tools that allow experts and policy makers to test and simulate sanitation and wastewater management decisions. We bring climate change and socioeconomic development analytics to the mix, by exploring and harvesting relevant databases.

Learn about the WaterPath Toolkit >
Learn about Water Knowledge-to-Practice >

Digital Tools for Water Utilities

We develop tools for drinking and waste- water utilities that bring microbial quality data and models together to assist with day-to-day decision making. We build online environments for lab data management that assist with storing and cataloging data from water quality studies and their findings. We explore concepts for tools that would better link understanding of pathogens in water systems with future planning and potential financial decisions.

Relevant projects