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Data Publishing & Integration

We develop user-friendly and scalable tools to enable collection, management and discovery of data. We encourage, design and maintain global databases and knowledge representations.

Data Publishing & Integration

Data Publishing Solutions

From paragraphs of text to streams of field data and from short CSV files to massive GeoTIFF images, we build data publishing solutions that can help you organize and expose your data in online catalogues. We create and adapt metadata dictionaries that can accurately describe the things you publish, while also ensuring that storage and access control are not something to sweat over daily.

We accommodate your team's curation workflows by allowing you to version and stage your data in controlled environments. We also provide integrations with external systems (eg. major research data repositories, external APIs or databases), so that you can share your data products on multiple channels.

We believe in the strength of open data, but you can ask us for custom policies and data licenses that may suit your needs.

Data Integration Services

Is data acquisition something that you struggle with? Have you found data that is useful for your research, but you are not sure on how to obtain it? We can harvest the data for you and bring it to the format that is closest to your needs. We integrate with your system(s), but we're also happy to host securely ourselves.

We can also transform your data repository into a smart, searchable index, that can easily be used to build the next cutting edge discovery service that exposes the wealth of information you possess. Together, we highlight the important aspects of your data and organize them in shareable data feeds.

We repackage and expose the data that you own in a variety of formats of your choosing. We control and secure data access based on your requirements. We provide back to you metrics and usage statistics on the number of requests and downloads.