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Data Visualization & Decision Support

We capture data insights on advanced maps, graphs and digital stories. We explore and develop tools that summarize research outcomes and facilitate decisions.

Data Visualization & Decision Support

Data Visualization

From single-column bars to live time-series and from pins on a map to dynamic 3D world projections, we build visualization solutions that can transform any data source to an enticing story. Consult us for:

  • Filterarble and embeddable data dashboards
  • Geodata mapping and clustering
  • Raster visualization for surface and thematic maps
  • Data storytelling components for visualized time-aware insights
  • Dynamic data and analytics reports in various formats

Decision Support

Knowledge in itself does not necessarily generate understanding. Therefore, we have set a goal to help science open up to the public, in the form of actionable recommendations.

We start backwards, by examining goals and KPIs, target users and raised questions. We then navigate on what is available and propose changes that bring data and modeling together to shape answers. We provide the necessary technology stack that can shape an accurate and comprehensive user experience:

  • "Model as a Service" approach (read more)
  • Data indexing (read more)
  • End-user visualizations