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Scientific Modelling & Analytics

We design and implement the infrastructure necessary for scientific modelling needs. We define and package big data and machine-learning components that turn data into insights.

Scientific Modelling & Analytics

Scientific Modelling

Have you developed a model that measures, simulates, predicts or visualizes data? With our help, you can turn your model into a service.

We can support you with transferring your code from your local PC to the online world, by enclosing it in dynamic web packages that can integrate with other models, services and databases. We turn your analytical processes into dashboards and fully-fledged web apps that users can interact with, defining their own inputs and scenarios.

We give emphasis to scalability and so, together we craft hosting plans that maximize performance and minimize maintenance costs. We help you find space and computation power, while also ensuring that you have a long-term, custom solution in place for new models or new versions of the existing ones.

Data Analytics

We know that you already have an analytical process in your mind for your data. However, let us explore areas of meta-analysis to add even more value to your work. We provide three different layers for that.

We produce Descriptive Analytics by indexing and aggregating your data. We present back to you summary statistics, trends over time and correlations with other datasets that you find relevant. Consult us on how to produce:
  • Data-powered Reports,
  • Data Dashboards,
  • Summary Charts,
  • Data Stories.
Descriptive Analytics
We extract structured information from textual data (e.g. publications, web pages). We align your data with semantic resources, such as ontologies and metadata standards. We guide you step-by-step to transform your data into extendable knowledge graphs. Consult us on how to perform:
  • Keyword detection,
  • Topic classification,
  • Semantic similarity between documents,
  • Structured knowledge representations.
Semantic Analytics
We perform geoprocessing routines on top of your datasets to further contextualize them. We transform heavy and static map visualizations into user-engaging experiences. Consult us on how to achieve:
  • Batch (reverse) geocoding,
  • Raster data processing and visualization,
  • Statistics generation,
  • Custom functions on mapped data (eg. clustering, visualizing differenes, detecting hotspots) .
Geographic Analytics